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Hi, Welcome to the online world of musician, composer, educator Jay Stevens.

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Jay's music appears on TV Shows!

In the last year, Jay has composed music that appeared on TV shows such as Rust Valley Restorers, Counting Cars, Mob Steel, and The PGA Championship.

Elixir Stainless steel strings still going after 3 years!

Here's a video review of the Elixir Stainless steel bass strings I've had on my bass since Feb 2012. I'm still using the same set, and they show no signs of stopping! I hate Stainless Steel strings, but I love these!

Elixir Stainless String review

In January at the NAMM show, Elixir gave me a set of their new Stainless Steel coated strings to try out. 6 months later and they're still going strong.
I love them!
Check out my review here: