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Jay's music appears on TV Shows!

In the last year, Jay has composed music that appeared on TV shows such as Rust Valley Restorers, Counting Cars, Mob Steel, and The PGA Championship.

Elixir Stainless steel strings still going after 3 years!

Here's a video review of the Elixir Stainless steel bass strings I've had on my bass since Feb 2012. I'm still using the same set, and they show no signs of stopping! I hate Stainless Steel strings, but I love these!

2014 wrap up

 2014 was a pretty busy year! So much so that I scaled way back on fill in gigs and sideman gigs and concentrated almost completely on shows with David Gogo.
My #1 Godin Shifter 5 string bass made good use of it's fight case this past year, racking up many air miles and no damage (which is always a plus)
I'm still rocking the same set of Elixir Stainless Steel strings that I put on in the spring of 2012. I can't kill them! They sound great, feel great and look brand new still!
Also to most of my fellow bassists surprise, my trusty Eden WT400 is still a workhorse of an amp. I've used it since 2001 and haven't even opened the lid on it in all that time!

David Gogo's latest release titled "Come on Down" was released in 2013 and we spent much of 2014 touring in support. The album gathered many award nominations such as the West Coast Blues awards, Maple Blues awards, Sirius XM Indie Awards and best of all a Juno award nomination.

The best part of 2014 touring included many BC dates. The weather couldn't have been nicer this year and being close enough to home base to return on weekdays to teach guitar and bass lessons at www.iwannarock.ca was a great bonus
I also had lots of time cruising Vancouver Island with my wife on our motorcycles.
Concert highlights of 2014 include:

  • finally making it over to Quadra Island to play the Heriot Bay Inn
  • playing for the newly formed Fraser Valley Blues Society
  • Playing at the Church of the Blues in Historic Dewdney
  • Island Folk Fest
  • Filberg Festival
  • Vancouver Island Exhibition
  • The Edmonton Rock music festival !

Elixir Stainless String review

In January at the NAMM show, Elixir gave me a set of their new Stainless Steel coated strings to try out. 6 months later and they're still going strong.
I love them!
Check out my review here: